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Radiation Detector

An inexpensive pocket-size meter measures all forms of ionizing radiation: alpha and beta particles, gamma and x-rays. It is an accurate scientific instrument useful in research or for measuring radiation hazards in the lab, plant, or hospital.

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  • Utilizes industry-standard Geiger-Muller tube, the same as in more expensive radiation detectors, with a thin mica end-window.
  • Calibration is done at factory by a pulse generator and is typically ±15% of the full scale relative to Cesium 137.
  • Easily certified to ANSI standards by a certified lab. Reads milliRoentgens per hour and counts per minute in three measuring ranges. The unit is protected by an anti-saturation circuit up to at least 100 times the maximum reading in the highest range.
  • Radiation counts detected are indicated by deflection of the needle on the meter scale, as well as by a flashing LED and an audible beeper; the unit responds to normal background radiation count.


Ranges: 0.5 - 5.0 - 50 mR/h and 500 - 5000 - 50000 cpm, 5 - 50 - 500 m Sv
Alpha: detected down to 2,5 MeV, with typical detection efficiency greater than 80% at 3,5 MeV
Beta: detected at 150 keV with 75% typical detection efficiency
Gamma and x-rays: typically detected down to 10 keV trough the end window and to 40 keV trough the case
Power: 9-V alkaline battery, 2000-hour lifetime
Weight : 0.25 kg