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Water, Wastewater & Seawater Chemistries

The Simplicity Chemistry Analyzer performs several manual and automated colorimetric methods. Chinchilla Scientific has a powerful applications team which has developed a comprehensive list of USEPA approved methods. Our methods follow the strict guidelines as required by the USEPA, Standard Methods, AOAC, and ISO standards. Most Simplicity methods can be adjusted to accommodate various ranges and matrices not included in the standard list.

Below is a sample list of different applications and parameters that can be measured.
  • Alkalinity*
  • Aluminum
  • Ammonia*
  • Chloride*
  • Chlorine
  • Chromium VI*
  • Cyanide*
  • Filters
  • Fluoride*
  • Hardness*
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Membranes
  • Nitrate*
  • Nitrite*
  • Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl*
  • Phenol*
  • Phosphate, Ortho*
  • Phosphorus, Total Kjeldahl*
  • Silicate*
  • Sulfate*
  • Zinc

*USEPA Approved 300 Series Methods

Select your parameters below:
Alkalinity Chloride
Aluminum Hardness
Ammonia Iron
Chlorine Chronium IV
Cyanide Fluoride
Filters Membranes
Manganese Nitrate
Nitrite Nitrogen, Total Kjedahl
Phenol Phosphate, Ortho
Phosphate, Total Kjedahl Silicate
Sulfate Zinc

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Block Digesters
Block Digesters DK 42/26

The DK 42/26 model is able to house 42 test tubes of 100 ml with the diameter of 26 mm, for micro-Kjeldahl analysis.

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Hydrelio 4060
Simplicity Chemistry Analyzer

The Simplicity chemistry analyzer meets the demands of the changing marketplace, without compromising performance. 

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UDK 152
UDK 152 Steam Distillation Unit

High level of safety systems for user protection. High durability to chemical corrosion.

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MSL 4000
MSL4000 Stereo Microscope

The MSL4000 series is a cost-effective, standard stereo microscope, giving varying magnification options and uses.

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